This is the terminology page where we translate from Japanese to English

 Japanese Term  Meaning
Ani Deshi senior disciple
Anzen Bogu safety armor
Arigato thank you
Budo the way of combat - a name adopted in the 20th century for martial arts in general with an emphasis on their peaceful aspects
Bogu protective equipment
Bushi warrior
Bushido way of the warrior; a code of honor and social behavior
Chojo senior in a dojo
Daimyo a feudal lord who maintained a great number of samurai in their service all of whom swore an oath of allegiance to the feudal lord according to the rules of Bushido
Domo Arigato Gozaimashite formal thank you very much
Dojo school
Dozo please (polite; please, sit, enter, etc.)
Fuku Shidoin assistant instructor
Gi uniform
Gomen nasai excuse me, especially in speaking to a lower rank
Hai yes
Hakkai-shiki the opening ceremony of a class
Hanshi title given to some eighth to tenth degree black belts... sometimes called Professor or Master
Heijoshin placid state of mind
Jiki Deshi a student studying directly under the Head Master of a Ryu, usually next in line of accession
Junbi Undo preparatory exercises
Jun Shihan Dai junior assistant instructor
Hangeki defensive position
Karate-do the way of empty-handed fighting
Karate-ka one who studies karate
Kaso-taiko imaginary opponent
Kenryukan dragon-fist school
Ki inner energy
Kiai unconscious expression of ki, verbalized or not
Kime an explosive attack to a target using an appropriate technique and maximum power
Kogeki offensive position
Kohai junior rank
Koshiki system of fighting using protective gear (bogu) and strict contest rules originally formulated for Shorinjiryu tournaments. But, it has developed into a system of karatedo apart from Shorinjiryu
Koshiki (a) hard style; (b) ancient
Kudasai please (as in asking for assistance)
Kyoshi title given to some seventh and eighth degree black belts - teacher grade, expert instructor
Makiwara kicking and punching board
Martial Arts all encompassing term for Asian fighting arts
Ninja A group of men and women specially trained for espionage and assassination; generally drawn from the lower classes and used by the daimyo to assassinate enemies and penetrate enemy fortresses
Obi belt
Onegai Shimasu please assist me in what we are going to do
Osu common greeting in karate: push ahead, yes, sir, never give up, a sign of respect, affirmation, recognition, etc.
Renshi title of certain 5th and 6th degree instructors—literally “the polisher”
Ryu a style of an art
Ronin The name given to all bushi and samurai who did not serve a particular master, either because the master had died or because his lands had been confiscated.
Samurai a class of bushi (warriors). The original samurai were there for the protection of their lord and were especially trained in martial arts. Later the name was given to all bushi of a certain rank belonging to warrior families
Shogun the title given by the emperor to the daimyo who showed himself to be the richest and the most powerful of all the lords
Sensei instructor – “the one who came before”
Shidoin instructor
Shihan highest instructor, 6th dan or over
Shihan Dai immediate assistant to the chief instructor, usually fifth dan
Shinan title of style originator
Shitsurei-suri excuse me
Shodan-Dai next in line for black belt
Shomen place of honor
Shorinjiryu the way of the great northern Shaolin Temple; a synthesis of Okinawan and Japanese philosophies and techniques which also reflects much of the Chinese influence on karate-do; a system which stresses rapid body movements, mobility, with emphasis upon the use of kumite, kata, and armor; originated by Kori Hisataka
Sumi-masen Sorry
Sun-Dome to stop the attack just before total contact
Tashi title of certain third or fourth dan, - “the helper”
Tai-no-shinshuku expansion and contraction of body
Taisanbaki body motion – especially of an evasive nature
Tate-ken vertical fist
Te-uchi-shiki ending ceremony of a class
Tori the attacker, one who applies a technique
Uke the receiver, one who receives the technique
Uwagi jacket
Waza a technique
Zabon pants
Zanshin perfect completion of a technique
Zashiki proper etiquette while in formal sitting