Shorinjiryu Kata

Here are some of the kata performed in Shorinjiryu Karatedo

Kata Definition
Ananko light from the south—old form
Chinto fighting towards the east, name of Chinese visitor
Happiken to use the fist like a monkey in eight directions
Heian peaceful mind
Jion temple sound
Bassai to breach a fortress—old form
Kusoku to view the sky—old form
Kusanku named after Chinese official, to view the sky
Kokusai Jiai competition form(s)
Naihanchin to fight surreptitiously to the sides
Nijushiho twenty four techniques
Niseisan three battles modern form
Rohai vision of the crane
Sai Kata three pronged forks techniques (weapon)
Sanchin three battles
Sankakutobi triangular jumping attack
Seisan half moon, crescent moon, thirteen hands
Sochin grand prize
Wankan king’s crown, wind in the pine forest
Wankan Sho advanced form
Wansu Chinese military envoy, flying swallow