Kagami Biraki 2011

As tradition goes, the Kagami Biraki ceremony is usually celebrated on the second Saturday of January.  This tradition dates back over 400 years to ancient Japan when the samurai took special care to polish their weapons and armor and their homes cleaned very carefully for the upcoming year.  The polishing of the mirror ceremony has been adopted by a few major karate groups along with some very traditional ryu.  The ceremony has evolved into a rededication of oneself to training and betterment.

We of the Kenryukan continue the practice of that rededication.  The mirrors were shined and the brass decorations polished to a mirror-like finish in anticipation of the arrival of the students and the commencement of the tradition.

After the formal bow in ceremony, the assemblage was welcomed by Hanshi taking the opportunity to explain the meaning of the event to the ninety or so participants in attendance.  He was especially very proud to mention that if you added, as he said, the time in for Shihan Troy, Shihan Vincent, Tashi Mark and Sensei Yesenia the combined total was over 90 years on dedication to the Kenryukan.

At that point, he handed over the class to Shihan Troy and Shihan Vincent and the rededication began.  The students commenced to do 1,000 punches, 1,000 kicks, 1,000 crunches, 200 push-ups and finished off with 1,200 jumping jacks.   We are proud to say that no one quit and even the smallest karateka did their best.

The students, after an appropriate cool down, lined up to sign the document of completion of which they were very proud to do so.

After the signing ceremony, all the black belts gave a congratulatory address highlighting their hopes and inspiration for the students for the New Year.

The black belts in attendance were Hanshi, Shihan Troy, Shihan Vincent, Renshi Big Al, Tashi Mark, Sensei Yesenia, Sensei Doro, Sensei Christian, Nidan Nelson, Shodan Alberto, Shodan Annette, Shodan Jason, Shodan Joe, Shodan Kevin, Shodan Laudy, Shodan Henry, Shodan Nazir, Kohai Decland, Kohai Eileen.

Hanshi expressed his great appreciation to all the black belts and mentioned that Shodan Jason and Shodan Joe travelled in from New Jersey to participate and that Shodan Henry made the trip from Massachuttes just to be part of this event. He then complimented all the students for their dedication and inspired them to do even better this year than in the past.

To the parents who came, he thanked them for their support of the school and their children.

After the speeches were completed, an orange juice kampai and a sweet cookie were consumed to begin the New Year on a sweet note.  A formal bow-out and thus ended the Kagami Biraki ceremony of 2011.

Congratulations to all.