Congratulations are in Order to Our New Nidans and Shodan

We are pleased to announce that after a seven hour grueling examination in front of a panel of senior black belts consisting of: Hanshi, Shihan Brian, Shihan Troy, Shihan Vincent, Renshi Big Al, Sensei Jim, Sensei Angel, Sensei Christian, Sensei Doro, Sensei Doreen, and Sensei Yesenia the following black belts successfully passed their examinations:

Shodan - First Degree Black Belt

  • Yamini

Nidan - Second Degree Black Belt

  • Jason
  • Alberto
  • Henry
  • Laudy
  • Kevin
  • Nazir
  • Annette
  • Nelson
  • Marc

We are certain that this promotion will create greater interest and participation from all.

In a surprise gesture of support, Ms. Sylvia Anavitate a parent of one of our younger students and not one of those being tested brought in a rather generous tray of assorted fruits - thank you.

Also, thank to Marco for taking pictures.

Congratulations once again to all.