Non-Ceremonial Belts: Black Belt

Yudanshu Rank Belt
Kohai Shodan Junior First Degree Brown & Black Panels
Kohai Nidan Junior Second Degree Brown & Black Panels
Shodan-Ho Recommended for Black Belt Plain Black Belt
Shodan First Degree Black w/ one stripe
Nidan Second Degree Black w/ two stripes
Sandan Third Degree Black w/ three stripes
Yondan Fourth Degree Black w/ four stripes
Godan Fifth Degree Black w/ five stripes
Rokudan Sixth Degree Black w/ six stripes
Nanadan Seventh Degree Black w/ seven stripes
Hachidan Eight Degree Black w/ eight stripes
Kudan Ninth Degree Black w/ nine stripes
Judan Tenth Degree Black w/ ten stripes


Non-Ceremonial Belts: Non-Black Belt

Mudanshu Rank Belt
Jukyu Tenth Kyu White
Kukyu Ninth Kyu White w/ one stripe
Hachikyu Eigth Kyu Yellow
Nanakyu Seventh Kyu Orange
Rokkyu Sixth Kyu Blue
Gokyu Fifth Kyu Green
Yonkyu Fourth Kyu Green w/ one stripe
Sankyu Third Kyu Purple
Nikyu Second Kyu Brown
Ikkyu First Kyu Brown w/ one stripe


-- Please Note --
Striped Belt down the center: indicates junior ranks
A single stripe or multiple stripes on the ends: indicate advanced grade at that rank


Ceremonial Belts

Kenryukan allows for specialized ceremonial belts that may be worn at functions or at the discretion of the holder. At the sandan level the tri-colored belt may be worn with the black side predominantly facing outward. At the yondan level, the same belt may be worn with the white stripe facing outward and up. At the godan level a black and red striped belt may be worn. The same belt may be worn at the rokudan, however, the holder may opt for the more formal red and white, which is also worn at nanadan and hachidan levels. kudan and judan practitioners only may wear the red belt.

Yudansha/Black Belt Belt Color
Kohai Shodan Black/brown panels
Kohai Nidan Black
Shodan Black
Nidan Black
Sandan or Sensei Tri-color (Black, White, Red)
Yondan or Tashi Red/Black panels
Godan or Renshi Red/White panels
Rokudan or Renshi Red/White panels
Nanadan or Kyoshi Red/White panels
Hachidan or Kyoshi Red/White panels
Kudan or Hanshi Red
Judan or Hanshi Red

The red panels are larger than the white as the rank progresses.


Stitching on Solid Black Belts
Shodan to Yondan Godan to Judan
Gold Red/Black