Kenryukan Travels to Balitmore

On April 2, a substantial group of karateka travelled to Maryland for the 9th Annual Watanabe-ha Invitational Tournament.

The group was led by Hanshi, Shihan Brian, Shihan Vincent, Shihan Troy, Renshi Big Al, Sensei Jim, Sensei Angel, Sensei Doro, Nidans Jason, Kevin, Nazir, Annette, Nelson, Marc, Nelson, Shodan Joe, and Kohai Eileen.

The following students attended, competed in either: kata, shiai and or weapons or in any combination.  Clearly they did a great job. Each and every student did their absolute best from basic kata to more advanced kata, from weapons forms to shiai.

A special weapons demonstration was given by Nidan Nelson.  His skill also manifested itself later in the day when he took first place in weapons forms and kata forms. 

Each student showed the discipline and respect that good karateka should have.  While one student in particular did not win a physical award for spirit, Akshay Sampath won the respect of many for his willingness to assist throughout the event without being asked.  He won more than a trophy, he won respect.

Special congratulations to Marco Gutierrez for winning the Adult Spirit Award.

I would like to thank all the black belts who came and assisted.  They showed and maintained the reputation that our school has developed for close to four decades.  Thanks to the parents and guests who came and also assisted in this event.

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Congratulations to all.



TitleFirstLastShiaiKataWeaponsSpecial AwardDojo
SenseiJimDee3rd Hombu
NidanKevinGutierrez3rd 4th Hombu
SenseiDoroKonate1st 2nd 2nd Hombu
NidanAnnetteLopez1st Hombu
NidanNelsonPatino, Jr1st 1st Hombu
KohaiEileenSantiago1st 3rd Hombu
KaratekaDestinyBelle3rd1st Zenkoku
KaratekaChristopherCalli1st 2nd Hombu
KaratekaTomasCampuzano2nd 4th Hombu
KaratekaJorgeCampuzano4th 2nd Hombu
KaratekaAlexCampuzano1st 1st 3rd Hombu
KaratekaAmariCunningham4th Hombu
KaratekaOmarCunningham4th Hombu
KaratekaAdebayoEisape2nd 3rd Hachikenkai
KaratekaSherellFarmer3rd 1st Hombu
KaratekaKrishnaGoli4th 3rd Stelton
KaratekaBriannyGuillen2nd Hombu
KaratekaMarcoGutierrez3rd 3rd Adult SpiritHombu
KaratekaJoselynGutierrez1st 2nd 3rd Hombu
KaratekaKailahHyndman3rd 2nd Hombu
KaratekaJeanLespinasse1st Hachikenkai
KaratekaAllisynLopez4th 5th Hombu
KaratekaKevinMendez4th Hombu
KaratekaAndyMendez4th 4th Hombu
KaratekaAndrewPowers4th Stelton
KaratekaMiltonPilco1st Hombu
KaratekaShyilaReaves1st 1st Hombu
KaratekaDerrickReaves2nd 2nd Hombu
KaratekaAvinashSamala3rd Stelton
KaratekaAkshaySampath4th Stelton
KaratekaNatalieSantiago2nd 2nd Zenkoku
KaratekaVaquineStewart3rd 1st 2nd Dokokai
KaratekaLuisVelez1st 1st 4th Hombu
KaratekaFernandoVentura3rd 3rd Hombu
KaratekaDanielWest3rd 2nd 4th Hombu